Orlando Gonzalez

Thank you for trusting in my program. This page is password protected and only allows Orlando Gonzalez and Andy Kurtz to view its content. It is to be used a communication platform: to share photos and videos of training horses, to post invoices, and to communicate back and forth via the forum option below. 

Training Videos


Item Amount
Starting Payment    $4000   
July 15-31 Training - Demi    $466.13   
August Training - Demi    $850   
Vet - Demi    $865.33   
Vet - Khalessi    $498   
July 15-August 31 Board - Khalessi    Included in purchase price   
August 16-31 Board - Khalessi    $258.06   

September Training - Demi    $850   
September Board - Khalessi    $500   
Current Balance    $287.53