Andy hosts a variety of clinics each year, including Common Ground Clinics, co-hosted with USET Silver and Bronze Medalist English Trainer, and various types of working cow horse clinics.  

Common Ground Clinics

The Common Ground Clinic’s focus on helping you become a reliable leader, while adding new clarity to your riding skills and partnership with your horse. Riding is easy when you create clarity in your thinking and in your expectations of your horse. When you assist in this respectful way, a common ground is created that allows both horse and rider to enjoy a shared partnership. 

You will benefit from this clinic in a variety of ways:

  • Learn from multi-disciplined trainers
  • Explore the common threads found in Eastern and Western training traditions/techniques
  • Discover new ways of thinking about your relationship with your horse as a rider and a teacher
  • Develop personalized goals, in which you create greater clarity for your growth as rider and teacher
  • Develop a positive relationship with your horse by fostering common ground between the two of you

Cow Horse Clinics

Andy is happy to host any sort of working cow horse for those interested. Each summer he hosts a beginning working cow clinic at his ranch in Steamboat to allow riders to experience the thrill of cow work. Additionally, Andy is available to travel as needed.